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Regular steam cleansing won’t solely have your carpet viewing its best all the time however it additionally prolongs the lifetime of your carpet and promote higher indoor air quality for a healthier home.

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There are different treatment to different stains, but you can always start with general stain cleaning solution.

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A proper clean will lift the presentation of your business instantly. your carpets will look better, feel better and have their natural colour back.

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Our skilled technicians are experts in removing dirt and stubborn stains from your upholstery with advanced cleaning equipment.


Health and hygiene are very important to our lives. There is nothing better than fresh and clean carpets, which prevents you and your family from harmful allergens and makes your home more livable.

Steam carpet cleaning removes dust, grimes, avoids further spread out of bugs and pests. In addition to all the possible health benefits Steam Carpet Cleaning removes all kind of stains and marks that indeed makes your carpet look new and fresh.

Whether it is your office or your home, cleanliness is the most desired thing. Your office and home both represent your taste and preferences. Your home is the mirror of your personality so keeping it clean and spotless is your responsibility. A regular cleaning that we do to our home often fail to produce our preferred result because of stubborn dirt, stains and odors. Here comes our role to provide you the best cleaning service ever in New Zealand. An unclean carpet can adversely affect a company’s reputation and unclean home can attract diseases like allergies, fungal infection etc. Our workers are expert in removing each and every dust particle from your carpet and give the assurance of a 100% clean home or office. We strictly use non toxic products and chemicals that are safe for you and your children’s health.

Your search for a cleaning master in New Zealand ends here at prime carpet cleaning, for a healthy and tension free home. Call us anytime for more information on our services.

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