Prime carpet cleaning - Stain removal services

Stains are annoying and often stubborn, they never get removed easily. They can even permanently damage the look of your property. Stain removal is frequently used cleaning method. Different types of chemicals and solutions are applied for different types of stains. For example the chemical that is used for treating coffee stains cannot be used for tea or wine stains. This is because few stains are very stubborn and need strong chemicals; on the other hand few stains are easy enough to get removed in just first attempt. Though there are different methods applicable for different kind of stains, one should always begin with the basic stain cleaning method.

Stain removal is common in any kind of carpet cleaning. Depends on what kind of stain, you will need to apply different cleaning chemicals. It can be coffee, tea, wine, rust, grease or coloring. There are different treatment to different stains, but you can always start with general stain cleaning solution. After the treatment, steam carpet cleaning machine should be able to lift up the treatment along with the stains as long as its not permanent stain.